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How Annotations Can Transform AI Training Data

With a variety of businesses integrating AI technology and machine learning models into their business practices, AI has become less of a novelty and more mainstream over the past few years. With ever-growing amounts of data generated worldwide, you are likely already in possession of the data you need for your machine learning models and industry-specific use case. 

Cogito is one of the top data annotation companies with its wide array of data annotation and labeling services. As an industry leader in the AI and machine learning space and a premier AI training data procurer, it can be your true ally in integrating automation into your business processes. Getting us on board for annotating and labeling the raw & unstructured datasets and validating the training data can get you sorted for the automation goals.

A Decade-Long Journey Reflects Our Dominance in Data Annotation, AI, and Machine Learning Space

When launching AI projects, businesses must acquire, prepare, and test AI training data, which poses a critical problem to those new to the field. Honestly speaking, image annotation companies can bring a significant aid in the course of successful AI implementation. As a matter of fact, Data that you receive is usually raw and unprocessed when you receive it. It is crucial to properly prepare and label the data before using it, as it is what determines the compatibility of the AI training data with the automation output of a machine learning model. 

Cogito takes immense pride in its in-house hub of data annotators, labelers, subject matter experts, and data science maestros — they hand out the best of their profound knowledge, experience, and data processing expertise to move automation onward. The company’s long-term success comes from its decade-long dominance in the fields of data annotation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

3 Points on What Sets Cogito Apart from the Rest

Cogito has a reputation among the leading image annotation companies for the quality, accuracy, and timely delivery of the training data. There are more to facts and figures that set Cogito apart from the rest in the AI  and machine learning landscape. Here are the 3 key pointers that point out why Cogito is one of the top data annotation companies among leading industry players:

Industries’ Best Annotation Platforms Power Up Our AI Training Data Development Process

Successful implementation of AI algorithms into machine learning models can be achieved only by having the industry-specific annotation expertise by your side that can bring high-quality AI training data to sit well with your business automation requirements. However, getting the right, high-quality training data for your application, automated systems, and machine learning models requires the right set of industry-specific data annotation and labeling platforms. 

Since the right annotation platform allows the development of the AI training data and automation implementation plan to be easygoing, accurate, and in line with the project requirements, Cogito has always been on an aim to employ the best annotation platforms down the line. We harness the potential of Labelbox and other data annotation platforms of similar resilience to develop high-quality training data for computer vision systems and AI algorithms for machine learning models. 

In-House Hub of Experienced Industry Experts to Propel the Path to High-Quality Training Data

As Cogito claims to be one of the top data labeling companies, we ensure that we work with the best brains to process data annotation and labeling tasks. We have an in-house hub of experienced industry experts who know what it takes to bring forth a promise for high-quality AI training data delivery to accomplish your automation goals. We have strengthened and expanded our team of experts as time went by just to ensure that we have the finest people to deliver high-quality training data for machine learning and computer vision algorithms. 

Privacy and Security to Clients’ Data is on a Promise

The privacy and security of data are of utmost significance in the course of developing AI training data for machine learning models and computer vision systems. We at cogito work with the human-in-the-loop approach, promising comprehensive security of clients’ data. While the data annotation and labeling platforms already work in data privacy and security compliance, the data annotators and labelers at Cogito tend to keep the data safe against unexpected loss and accidental damage

Final Thought

Having the right support in any business campaign is an asset to its success — Cogito can be indispensable support in your AI and machine learning accomplishments. In the decade-long journey as a premier data annotation company, Cogito has processed over 1 billion data points securing the success of AI implementation in a myriad of business and industrial processes. With 99.99% training data output accuracy, we claim to be a most trusted ally for the success of your AI and machine learning ventures. 

During our journey as a leading annotation and labeling company, Cogito has got its expertise exposed to different business processes where AI can be a game changer. Our capabilities have eventually outgrown to deliver businesses the industry-specific training data for any industry use case, set, and size of machine learning model. Make your mark in AI and machine learning by outsourcing your annotation and labeling work to Cogito — we are way ahead of the league when it comes to AI training data