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Future of AI and data science – How to secure a bright career

  • Aileen Scott 
Future of AI and Data Science - How to Secure A Bright Career

Companies, more often, pay attention to automation and innovation over proficiency and productivity. However, firms can maintain a balance between both due to the extensive usage of AI and data science programs.

Here are the stats that show the impact of AI and data science in diverse sectors:

  • By the end of 2023, over half of US-based healthcare providers intend to implement AI tools like RPA in their healthcare facilities, according to Gartner.
  • It is estimated that by 2030, there will be 13.7 billion self-driving cars on the road, up from 20.3 million in 2021. By 2030, 10% of all vehicles are expected to be driverless.
  • The healthcare industry’s market for big data analytics might be worth $67.82 billion by 2025.
  • According to Statista Research Department, 68% of global travel brands made sizable investments in business intelligence as well as predictive analytics capabilities in 2019.

Applications of AI and data science have created a standardized method for executing business functions faster and more effectively. Thus, making a career in data science and AI is beyond just rewarding.

Additionally, by actively participating in decision-making, customer engagement, market research, product innovation, and marketing strategies, it has deeply sunk itself within the organization.

This article will help you know the future of AI and data science, with a focus on the trends that will dominate the sector in the next decade.

Introduction to artificial intelligence and data science

Both AI and data science have emerged as the most in-demand fields that have totally simplified the working of employees and helped organizations to become more productive. Let’s know about them more in-depth below:

Data science

Data science is the process of extracting raw data by applying the right mathematical formulas and scientific methods and turning them into structured data.

It utilizes several tools and techniques to get more business insights and convert them into actionable solutions. Choosing a data science career means you need to perform steps such as data mining, data cleansing, data manipulation, data aggregation, and data analysis.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

The theory as well as the development of computer systems that can carry out tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence is known as artificial intelligence.

AI is the subset of data science that is frequently considered the proxy for the human brain. It utilizes smart systems to provide business process automation, productivity, and efficiency. Here are a few real-life AI applications:

  • Voice assistance
  • Chatbots
  • Automated recommendations
  • Image recognition

As a result, many sectors that have incorporated AI and data science are now reaping the benefits that we will cover in the upcoming section.

Advantages of integrating AI and data science

Since the integration of AI and data science, various parts of society have changed, including everything from grocery shopping to using public transportation to commute.

Below, we have listed a few benefits triggered by the integration of AI and data science:

  • Automation of exhaustive human tasks has assisted the workforce to focus on different functions.
  • Boosts productivity and efficiency in Insurance, Healthcare, Marketing, Pharma, and various industries.
  • Innovation systems to connect with consumers and analyze their requirements.
  • Predicting disasters beforehand.
  • Reduces human errors.

Future of data science

From the data explosion to the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and social media, the future of data science is predicted to witness a few big innovations in the previous ten years.

According to experts, the advent of machines will result in growth in usage, and the utility of computer systems will increase in the next decade.

In addition, experts claim that social media use will increase with users using large amounts of data online. Social media will be used by consumers for business, entertainment, etc. As per some analysts, machine learning algorithms will also experience a steep rise.

Future of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence enables the machine to act like a human brain. It carries out several business functions without the need for human intervention such as consumer interaction and raising brand awareness on social media.

Many researchers think AI will surpass humans in nearly all cognitive tasks. By automating tasks like managing employee or patient records, doing market research, and engaging with potential clients, among others, AI applications are revolutionizing diverse sectors.

Now that you are aware of the future of data science and AI systems, we will look at how to develop a successful career in the respective fields.

Path to build a career in data science

Businesses are mining an abundance of data and turning it into useful information. They have data scientists working for them.

Jobs in this field are plentiful as a result of the rising need for data science experts. Data engineer, data analyst, etc. are some of the job roles for which recruiters are hiring.

With each passing day, there is a greater need for a professional and skilled data scientist. All you can do is earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the data science field. Or you can consider taking data science certification programs to grow your skillset.

Path to build a career in AI

The rapid use of AI applications across several industries has created a wealth of artificial intelligence applications. So, a career in AI seems potential. The following list of popular AI job positions includes Engineers in big data, AI data analysis, and machine learning.

If you want to get into the AI field, the ideal way is to enroll in a good AI certification course that would help you gain the abilities required to manage challenging AI-related activities effectively.

Which field is the best career for you?

This is your life. So, it’s important to make the right career choice that will, in the future, surely bring you enthusiasm, and encourage you to follow your passion to succeed in a field you pick. After all, when you work dedicatedly and enjoy performing your tasks, you learn and attract more new opportunities.