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Five Major Benefits That Microsoft Power BI Brings To Data Scientists

Business intelligence
Business Intelligence has changed profoundly in the last few years, including the tools.

There is no denying the importance of the internet and IT in the business scene. Businesses hailing from all sectors are dependent on the web, and they also make use of various types of software applications nowadays. However, with time, such technologies are also evolving. Businesses are coping with huge amounts of data, and to deal with that, they need specialized applications. That is why BI and data visualization solutions are in demand. Thousands of businesses are choosing BI applications like Microsoft Power BI for their needs.

Why are Businesses Opting for BI Solutions?

Businesses from various sectors are using specialized tools like Power BI for multiple reasons.

  • By using these tools, they can pick up upcoming trends in the market easily.
  • By using these applications, they can analyze data and make predictive analyses. This helps them in making major business moves.
  • By utilizing the powerful data analytical prowess of Power BI, businesses can evaluate the feasibility of their strategies.
  • It is easier to fathom customer preferences when BI solutions are used.
  • Businesses can figure outperformance and output nuances by using these solutions. They can figure out where sales are poor and which departments are lagging in productivity and so on.
  • By using these tools, businesses can find out where they are spending more. Thereafter, they can take steps to curtail extra expenses and utilize monetary resources better.
  • With these tools, creating visually appealing reports and sharing them across the workforce is simple.

When you use a powerful BI tool like Microsoft Power BI, achieving these objectives is not hard. However, to extract the most out of the tool, you will have to seek the services of veteran power bi consulting services.

Why Power BI Should be Your Preferred BI Solution

There are several BI solutions in the market, but Power BI continues to be a favorite with many businesses across the world. There are various reasons for its dominance in this domain.

  1. Exemplary Ease of Usage: Power BI scores over competing BI solutions owing to its ease of usage, beyond doubt. The tool is very powerful, but the interface is simple. It can be customized a lot as well. Even if you have no experience in using a BI tool, you should be able to start using it without much guidance. Most users adapt to it without hassles. It has a simple and intuitive drag and drops style UI. You won’t need programming experience. You will require the guidance of a veteran Microsoft Power BI developer for using the advanced features, though.
  2. Superb Integration: In most organizations where a BI solution is being deployed, there are several other applications in use, and so the BI tool has to be compatible with the existing applications and cloud services. In this regard, Power BI scores very well. It integrates with popular Microsoft software solutions and cloud services. On top of that, it is compatible with a lot of third-party software solutions and database systems. This also helps in importing data from various sources. Businesses do not have to worry about application support when choosing Power BI.
  3. Extensive Data Visualisation Features: Just analyzing huge amounts of data is not enough. A BI tool should be laden with enough data visualization features so that the analyzed data can be used to generate visually appealing reports. Power BI ships with extensive data visualization elements and features. It offers plenty of maps, graphs, and charts, and you can also use images and other media content. This helps the users make the best use of data and convey the message to the intended recipients.
  4. Easy Report Creation and Sharing: After analyzing a gargantuan amount of data obtained from multiple sources, your company needs to create useful reports, and these have to be shared across the workforce. With Power BI, report creation is a breeze. You can make visually appealing reports within a few minutes using its inbuilt features. The generated reports can be shared in many formats with other users. In fact, you can share these reports with people who do not use Power BI. You can export reports in PPT format, for example.
  5. The Flexibility of Usage: If you had thought only the technology giants and MNCs use BI solutions like Power BI, you are far from the truth! The reality is Power BI is suited for use by companies of different sizes and kinds. If you have a start-up or a growing venture, opt for its free version, which packs in quite a lot of features. There are license-based cloud versions that are aimed at customers with deep wallets. It is also available as a mobile app. So, the flexibility of usage is huge. Corporate customers swear by power bi professional.
  6. Powerful Solution: It is true that a lot of tasks done by Power BI can be accomplished by spreadsheet applications, too. However, when it comes to raw processing power and utilizing computational resources, Power BI leaves most contenders behind. It can deal with large-sized data files faster. There will not be any slowdown when compressing or decompressing data volume either. It connects with supported data sources without a glitch, and automated data syncing acquires data at preset intervals.
  7. Security: When you use a BI tool that deals with a mammoth amount of data, ensuring the security of the data is pivotal. The nice thing is Power BI ships with embedded data security features. There is built-in AAD for user authentication, for example.

There are many other reasons for which Power BI remains the most sought-after tool for BI and data visualization needs. Its simple yet powerful query (natural language query engine) feature, regular updates, and resources work in its favor.

Hiring a Power BI Consultant can be Useful

Power BI is definitely a user-friendly BI solution, and many organizations use it without requiring formal training or expert guidance. However, in some cases, seeking the services of veteran Power BI consultants may be necessary. This is more the case with corporate organizations that want to leverage advanced features of the tool. Such analysts can help in utilizing its native R integration and other advanced features.