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DSC Weekly 9 May 2023 – The case for AI-human collaboration


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The case for AI-human collaboration

It’s no surprise that Artificial Intelligence articles make up the majority of today’s edition of DSC Weekly.  Every day there are new predictions and studies anticipating how AI will influence business and society as a whole. The consensus is that AI isn’t going anywhere. How it influences society will depend on balancing the immense power of AI with human’s ability to scale back potential risks that come with it.

To achieve this balance, DSC contributor Bill Schmarzo says it’s necessary for everyone to “think like a data scientist” when it comes to AI. In part 1 of his “AI for Everyone” blog, Bill makes the case for educating and empowering everyone to participate in the AI conversation. He describes the “TLADS” methodology as a collaborative process to develop metrics against which organizations determine their value creation effectiveness. In his blog, Bill outlines the steps to implementing the TLADS methodology that he says can help guide ethical AI development.

This will likely be the deciding factor over AI’s influence over society and humanity as a whole: the ability for humans to work with AI vs. fighting against it. In order for AI to reach its full economic and societal potential, everyone must be involved in AI model design and management, according to Bill. In Part 2 of his “AI for Everyone” blog, he promises to lay out how to get everyone understands their role in developing not only functioning AI models, but also responsible and ethical ones. Without this input, the doomsayers could be more correct than we want to believe.

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DSC Weekly 9 May 2023 – The case for AI-human collaboration