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DSC Webinar Series – United AI Alliance

  • Sean Welch 

Countries facing the worst impacts of the climate crisis are missing out on the best data technologies to inform their responses. As a result, communities are suffering needlessly.

Data and technology offer significant potential for rapid action to improve health and education outcomes and planetary health- to protect lives and livelihoods. Yet, across the globe, decision-makers in lower-income countries are excluded from using available data and digital technologies to improve the quality of information for making decisions. This is due to limited awareness of available data-driven solutions to development challenges, poor technological infrastructure and connectivity and gaps in skills to apply these solutions.

The United AI Alliance is a public-private partnership which aims to reduce the Digital Divide in underserved communities and enhance data research and reporting for key initiatives, such as Census Data, Climate Science, and Healthcare. By supporting governments, non-profits and local developer communities with data science training and technology, the Alliance is helping countries to improve resource allocation and support more informed policy making across the continent

Join us for this DSC Webinar as Geoff Levene of NVIDIA, and Bob Venero, CEO, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. discuss the launch of this exciting new alliance and how, together, with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the United AI Alliance is equipping governments and developer communities in 10 nations with data science training and technology to support more informed policymaking decisions.

Presented by:
Geoff Levene of NVIDIA
Bob Venero, CEO, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc.