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DSC Webinar Series: Toolsets to Streamline the Workflow for Today’s Data Analytics

  • Sean Welch 

Organizations today are overly familiar with the complicated and often painful nature of handling the flood of data involved in their analytics process. It’s likely that you will need multiple tools to ingest, clean and merge your data before you can even start to build your models and analyze your datasets for business insights. And still more time as you integrate them into a visualization application to have the data ultimately reviewed by the business decision makers within any given organization.

In this webinar we will explore a new set of tools provided by Alteryx and Qlik that streamlines this otherwise highly inefficient process, making it simple, fast, intuitive, and cost-effective. You will gain deeper insights into your data within hours rather than weeks.


Michael Snow, Partner Marketing Director, Alteryx
Gene Rinas, Senior Solutions Engineer, Alteryx
Jesús Centeno, Alliances Technology Manager, Qlik

Hosted by: Tim Matteson, Cofounder, Data Science Central