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DSC Webinar Series – The Hybrid Workflow – Combining the Best of Desktop and Cloud

  • Sean Welch 

Want to leverage Cloud data technology without sacrificing your existing expertise on Desktop tools? This webinar is for you.

Cloud tools, like Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta, allow data professionals to take advantage of new powerful capabilities such as machine-learning powered data transformation suggestions, unlimited scalability, browser-based manageability, and strong governance. But Desktop tools, like Alteryx Designer, remain equally as strong with powerful on-premise capabilities, unique tools, deeply experienced teams, and years of pre-existing data preparation workflows.

For teams that want to leverage the Cloud without losing their current edge on existing Desktop tools, what’s the best path forward? In this webinar, we’ll provide the answer, and show how desktop users can leverage Snowflake to combine their preexisting workflows and expertise in with the uniquely powerful capabilities of the cloud. Don’t miss this free opportunity to upskill and evolve!

Presented by:
Joshua Burkhow – Alteryx
Alexander Gross – Alteryx