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DSC Webinar Series: Solving Problems with Commercial & Open Source

  • Sean Welch 

The influence of environmental exposures on human health and disease is gaining focus from healthcare professionals, scientists, and policy makers.  By combining datasets generated by the CDC with those from academic and industry research studies, IndiOmics has created multi-omics methods for modeling how chemical exposures can impact cellular behavior and health.  Our data science approaches combine open-source tools and secure SAS environments to analyze variables related to analytical chemistry, microscopy, and biomarker detection, resulting in visualizations of both individual and population-level outcomes.  Our big goal for big data is to create awareness of how environmental exposures occur and how they can be prevented via modifiable and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Melissa Strong, PhD, Founder & Lead Data Scientist – IndiOmics

Hosted by: 
Rafael Knuth, Contributing Editor – Data Science Central