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DSC Webinar Series: Migrating R Applications to the Cloud using Databricks

  • Sean Welch 

R, along with Python, is the most popular language among enterprise data scientists. The R ecosystem includes thousands of packages for statistical analysis and machine learning as well as advanced graphical capabilities. R users across enterprises are expressing strong interest in leveraging cloud for R workloads. Cloud offers several unique advantages, such as accessing ever-growing datasets, easily scaling up compute resources for processing large data, managing resources more cost efficiently.

In this latest Data Science Central webinar, we will demonstrate how Databricks helps R users migrating their applications from legacy on-prem environments to public clouds such as AWS and Azure. We will cover:

Seamless migration of models developed in desktop RStudio to RStudio in Databricks
Leveraging Databricks Notebooks with MLflow to enhance their work
Recording and notebooks will be provided after the webinar so that you can practice at your own pace.

Hossein Falaki, Tech Lead – Databricks

Hosted by:
Stephanie Glen, Editorial Director – Data Science Central