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DSC Webinar Series: Internet of Things case study: Using big data to create operational efficiencies

  • Sean Welch 

Internet of Things is touted with the potential to glean new insights and efficiencies by tapping into massive streams of data from sensors and machines. Driven by industry standardization, regulations, and the need for competitive advantage, the trucking industry became early adopters onboard telematics and engine sensor data. Though this has generated volumes of data, most trucking companies have not fully capitalized on the wealth of business value in the telematics data. This webinar will look at a case study that examines how IoT based data can be analyzed and turned into insights that reduce costs and create operational efficiencies across the business using Google Cloud Platform and Qubole.

In this latest DSC Webinar event, you’ll hear from Mohan Krisnamurthy about data derived from the automobile and trucking industry. This data was then utilized to gain insights for fuel efficiency. Additionally, Paul Asoyan will share why Google Cloud Platform is the best place to build IoT initiative, taking advantage of Google’s heritage of web-scale processing, analytics, and machine intelligence

Mohan Krisnamurthy, Senior Product Manager, — Qubole
Paul Asoyan, Strategic Partnerhips Manager — Google Cloud Platform

Hosted by:
Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director — Data Science Central