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DSC Webinar Series: How to Take Your Data Visualizations to the Next Level

  • Sean Welch 

Given the breakneck pace of digital transformation, it has become crucial not only to analyze data but to act on it. And when you choose the right visualization to highlight the most important aspect of your data, you can illuminate new insights and communicate them more persuasively, resulting in smarter actions and bigger outcomes for your business.

In this latest Data Science Central webinar, the Product Manager for Visualizations at Qlik®, Patric Nordström, and best-selling author and strategic advisor, Bernard Marr, will discuss important trends, new insights and best practices in data visualization today, including:

·   How the science (and art) of data visualization are evolving
·   Do’s and don’ts for data visualization creation and selection
·   How to choose the best visualizations to inspire action

Discover how to inspire effective action in your organization – by telling your data story in the clearest, most compelling way possible

Patric Nordström, Director, Product Management – Qlik
Bernard Marr, Best-selling author, Futurist, Strategic Advisor

Hosted by: 
Sean Welch, Host and Producer – Data Science Central