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DSC Webinar Series: Harness the Power of Big Data Analytics

  • Sean Welch 

From BI to AI, the need for Big Data and analytics is pervasive and transformational. However, Big Data technologies such as Hadoop or Spark are still quite complicated and not leveraged to their full capacity by business practitioners. New technologies are available to leverage the power of big data platforms for self-service data preparation and automated machine learning to help organizations get the most out of their analytics initiatives and unlock the full potential of their Big Data investments.

In this latest Data Science Central webinar you will learn the essentials you need for a modern data and analytics strategy, ways to expand your strategy development repertoire, and emerging approaches, as well as:

Why big data solutions like Hadoop and Spark are ideal for machine learning and advanced analytics initiatives
What Automated Machine Learning for Big Data is and how it can change your approach to ML
How Self-Service Data Preparation reduces the work required to deliver clean data at scale for predictive modeling
How to leverage Big Data platforms to rapidly deliver more accurate predictions for ML initiatives
Raju Penmatcha, PhD, Customer Facing Data Scientist — DataRobot
Connor Carreras, Manager for Customer Success, Americas — Trifacta

Hosted by:
Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director — Data Science Central