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DSC Webinar Series: Hadoop 2.0: YARN to Further Optimize Data Processing 9.16.2014

  • Sean Welch 

Data is exponentially increasing in both types and volumes, creating opportunities for businesses. To fully realize the potential of this new data, analysts recommend the shift from a single platform to a data ecosystem. Multiple systems are needed to exploit the variety and volume of data sources. A flexible data repository such as a data lake is needed to store the data. Technologically speaking Apache Hadoop 2 enables true data lake architectures. The introduction of YARN in particular added a pluggable framework that enabled new data access patterns in addition to MapReduce. An intelligent data management layer is needed to manage metadata and usage patterns as well as track consumption across these data platforms.

Join us in this webinar as our panel of experts discusses how Hadoop can be used alongside the Enterprise Data Warehouse and with Data Integration tools to enable the optimization of data processing workloads for more efficient use of resources