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DSC Webinar Series: Future-Proofing Your Analytics Investment through AI and Cloud

  • Sean Welch 

Taking advantage of the newest innovations across the business intelligence and analytics landscape is critical to stay ahead of the competition and drive real value from your data. AI, machine learning, and cloud are all raising the bar, and you can position yourself to take advantage of these new capabilities now and in the future.

In this latest Data Science Central webinar, Wayne, Chris and Denise will explore how the BI market is evolving, and the key technologies that will unlock the value of your data for everyone. Topics discussed will include:

– The importance of augmented analytics that leverage AI and natural language processing
– How automated machine learning can bring the power of data science to analytics teams
– Why the rise of cloud analytics is critical to harnessing BI innovation

Speakers: Wayne Eckerson, President – Eckerson Group
Chris Mabardy, Senior Director of Product Marketing – Qlik
Denise LaForgia, Director of Product Marketing – Qlik

Moderator: Sean Welch, Host and Producer – DSC