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DSC Webinar Series: Ethics in AI

  • Sean Welch 

Human-generated data carries inherent biases, which are transferred to the machines that learn using this data, and ultimately seep into the decisioning that follows – often creating a vicious cycle that reinforces this pattern.

This latest Data Science Central webinar takes the philosophical question of ethics to the pragmatic realm and provides a business framework to address major ethical concerns in AI systems. It provides the foundation required to build and implement business AI that is ethical and future-proof.

During this webinar, you will:

• Learn the fundamentals of AI ethics every organizational leader should consider when embracing AI
• Become aware of the risks associated with the negligence of ethics in AI.
• Walk away with a pragmatic framework that guides you towards an ethically sustainable AI solution. 

May Masoud, Solutions Specialist, Data Sciences – SAS

Hosted by: 
Rafael Knuth, Contributing Editor – Data Science Central