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DSC Webinar Series: Data Scientist Workbench Accelerates Predictive Analytics

  • Sean Welch 

New technologies, Big Data and increasingly complex and multi-dimensional data relationships create a challenging environment for modern data scientists. In today’s DSC Webinar we will discuss a modern Predictive Analytics platform to help manage and accelerate all phases of your predicative analytic process lifecycle, from source to result.

In this latest DSC webinar you will learn how this agile digital workbench allows you to:

Streamline tedious and repetitive tasks
Access and prepare data for predictive analytics
Rapidly prototype and validate your models
Leverage your existing R and Python
Extract maximum value from Hadoop
Share results with the rest of the business
Quickly embed analytic results into business processes

Speakers: Dr. Martin Schmitz — RapidMiner GmbH

Hosted by: Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director — Data Science Central