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DSC Webinar Series: Building Trust in Your Data to Fuel Breakthrough Innovation

  • Sean Welch 

Data informs everything in a digital-first world. It is the fuel for enterprise intelligence that helps organizations create new business opportunities and deal with competitive threats. Why then, is there such a low level of organizational trust in data? Know what data you have no matter where it resides, understand its quality, protect sensitive information and be in complete control of all your data assets.

In today’s Data Science Central webinar, you will learn how you can use a data catalog in context of DataOps to build trusted data and drive innovation forward.

Stewart Bond, Research Director of Data Integration and Intelligence Software – IDC
Madhup Mishra, Product Marketing, Lumada DataOps – Hitachi Vantara
Derek Wilson, Executive Director, Lumada DataOps- Hitachi Vantara

Sean Welch, Host and Producer – DSC