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DSC Webinar Series: 500 Petabytes of Data to Understand the Universe Better

  • Sean Welch 

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory, currently under construction in Chile, will conduct a vast astronomical survey of our dynamic Universe starting in 2022. They plan to collect 500 petabytes of image data by observing the skies continuously for 10 years and produce nearly instant alerts for objects that change in position or brightness every night. In addition to astronomical data, their dataset will include DevOps, IoT, and real-time monitoring data.

In this latest Data Science Central webinar, Dr. Angelo Fausti will demonstrate:

●     How a time-series database has the versatility to address their needs
●     How they created a solution to enhance visibility across their organization and improve actionable insights
●     How they pull software development and sensor data from their telescope, camera and observatory IoT devices

Dr. Angelo Fausti, Software Engineer – Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Hosted by: 
Sean Welch, Host and Producer – Data Science Central