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DSC Webinar Series: 5 Things Your Organization Needs to Succeed in Data Science

  • Sean Welch 

What does it take to succeed in the world of Data Science and Analytics? It takes the right culture, people, process and governance, the ability to operationalize analytics, and special weapons and tactics.

Join John Thuma in this latest DSC Webinar as he discusses his strategy to conquer the 5 challenges to succeed in data science.

Culture: Is your organization a dinosaur looking at the pretty light in the sky, unknowing of what is to come? In today’s world, you are either an innovator or slowing fading away. Learn how organizations must embrace data science to survive and flourish as the market leader.
People: Do you have the right people for advanced analytics? Of course it takes statistics, programming and hard work. But it takes much more! Do you have the following traits in your team to succeed in advanced analytics? Learn the traits for success: The Pioneer, The Cattle Herder, The Muscle, and the Story Teller.
Process and Governance: It takes process and governance to succeed in data science and analytics. John will share his 10 step decision making process for advanced analytics.
Get Operational: If you can’t change the business process and the people acting in it with analytics then you have successfully built a science project, a bunch of technology no one uses. Not good. Start with a business problem, solve business problem, and embed analytics into the process and script out what people are going to do with it.
Special Weapons and Tactics: John will share his secrets weapon to remove technology barriers and succeed in data science. Come to the webinar and find out.

Speaker: John Thuma, Director, Aster Strategy and Analytics
Hosted by: Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director, Data Science Central