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DSC Webinar Series: 20 Predictions for 2020 from AI to Data Management

  • Sean Welch 

AI, machine learning, cloud, self-service, data governance, etc…there is no shortage of buzzwords in data today. Every organization is seeking to outpace their competition by leveraging data to drive differentiation for their business. To win this race, companies are building up data science teams, investing in faster/more scalable cloud data platforms and utilizing the growing variety of publicly available datasets and algorithms. How do you stay ahead of what’s next and help drive the successful adoption of new technology and processes within your organization?

This latest Data Science Central webinar will be interactive and will review where we think data management, analytics and ML/AI are headed next. The session will also focus on how to use the predictions and data we share in the session to drive modernization efforts at your company.

In this webinar you can expect to learn:

Will cloud-native services & kubernetes fundamentally change our approach to data infrastructure & application integration?
Will the buzz around machine learning continue or will the first ML initiatives stumble out of the gates?
How will the nature of self-service change with an increased focus on data governance & security?
Will Davis, Head of Marketing – Trifacta
Eric Kavanagh, CEO – The Bloor Group
Evren Cakir, Senior Analyst – The Bloor Group

Hosted by:
Stephanie Glen, Editorial Director – Data Science Central