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DSC Podcast Series: Using Data Science to Power our Understanding of the Universe

  • Sean Welch 

In this latest Data Science Central podcast, learn how researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center are speeding up solar image analysis using Big Data Analytics and reduced computations that would’ve taken one year on CPU to less than a week with Quadro RTX Data Science Workstations.

NVIDIA’s Geoff Levene and NASA’s Dr. Michael Kirk will describe how the NASA team is using errors in the images to help identify the origins of energetic particles in Earth’s orbit that could damage interplanetary spacecraft, which are the same images used to track solar surface flows to support better models for predicting the weather in space.

Dr. Michael Kirk, Research Astrophysicist – NASA
Geoff Levene, Director, Global Business Development: Data Science and Space – NVIDIA

Hosted by:
Sean Welch, Host and Producer – Data Science Central