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DSC Podcast Series: Models  as a Service – A Better Way for Data Science

  • Sean Welch 

Dataloop is an IT services organization and SAS Partner that has developed an innovative approach to making data science more accessible to more organizations in more ways than ever before. Dataloop’s Models as a Service allows any organization to benefit from the insights made possible by analytics and AI even without having the resources to invest in a full-blown data science function – by taking it a model at a time with Dataloop doing the work for them. 

Models as a Service can provide the better decisions that fuel the growth that leads to bringing data scientists in-house, or it can provide a lifeline during crunch periods or even during expected coverage gaps for data scientists, such as medical leaves of absence or extended holidays. This Models as a Service approach even provides an interesting way for the individual data scientist to potentially reframe how they conceptualize their own approach to their work.

By leveraging the unique strategic partnership of SAS and Microsoft, Dataloop’s Models as a Service is both agile and reliable in ways that hold potential promise of becoming a better way for data science.

Eduardo Ocampo, Technical Lead – Dataloop
Sofía García, Business Developer – Dataloop

Hosted by: 
Sean Welch, Host and Producer – Data Science Central