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Datacenter relocation is now easier, faster, and more affordable

Server Network Data Business Internet Technology Concept
Server Network Data Business Internet Technology Concept.

It is common for growing organizations to reach a point where their existing data solution is no longer adequate for their needs. In most cases, it happens with companies that have used an on-premises infrastructure from the earliest days of business but now need to upgrade their network for continued growth. However, relocating equipment and network infrastructure to a data center is not as simple as unplugging everything from the old location and plugging it back in at the new site. Locating a data center does not have to be difficult, but it is a very critical operation. 

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Get commitment from the organization

Before anyone touches a single piece of hardware, it is essential to accept the relocation fully. Everyone in the organization must be committed to making a move a success. Management needs to understand the logistical demands of the transition, and IT must consider the business’s operational needs as they make plans. Communication is crucial.

Assign an experienced project manager

While most organizations will have experienced IT staff and project managers on staff, relocating a data center is a unique undertaking that combines logistics, budgeting, risk assessment, and other skills. Placing someone with no prior relocation experience in charge of the project will not be good. Third-party data center relocation services can often provide the necessary expertise.

Document everything

Some IT departments, especially smaller companies, will trust their instinct when tearing down and rebuilding their networks. It is never a good idea. Not only are many of the assumptions about your infrastructure likely to be inaccurate, but relying on memory alone means that any unexpected issues could result in total disaster. Every aspect of the existing network must be thoroughly documented. All it takes is one gap in institutional knowledge to render a network completely inoperable, leading to costly downtime.

Assign resources

With documentation and a plan to transition into the hand, organizations can get the right people in place and allocate the necessary resources to ensure the transition team has everything they need to carry out the plan effectively. Besides figuring everything out on the client-side, the project manager must also work closely with the co-location facility to ensure a smooth transition. A good data center usually offers remote manual support to make the migration easy and avoid complications.

Develop and follow a relocation timeline

IT infrastructure relocation is a high-risk operation. There is the potential for valuable data to be lost during migration to the cloud, expensive equipment damaged in transit, and mission-critical systems to experience extensive downtime. 

A detailed schedule must be developed to minimize these risks and ensure that the data center relocation can be executed quickly. By taking careful steps to plan for their data center relocation, companies can ensure that they are doing everything to make their transition as successful as possible.