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Low-code AI Development Could Be a Good Strategy for SMBs

  • ajitjaokar 
Low-code AI Development Could Be a Good Strategy for SMBs

Low code development is getting a lot of traction. Low code platform development provides a more accessible (and typically a graphical) interface for developing applications.

Low-code development platforms are philosophically similar to the rapid application development tools of the 1990s and early 2000s. Low code development has many benefits, including possible reduction of development time. 

I believe low-code AI development platforms could be particularly suitable for SMEs. Here are seven reasons why

1)  Skills: this is the biggest reason. AI skills are expensive, and low-code AI platforms could mitigate this
2)  Integration: Many low-code AI platforms integrate with other development tools such as data validation and MLOps. This could save development time
3)  Cloud: Low code development platforms could leverage the power of the cloud
4)  Automl: low code development platforms could use auto ml to help build models faster
5)  Access to pre-trained models: you could easily access pre-trained models and build on top of these
6)  Security and privacy: you could benefit from the security and privacy of existing platforms
7)  Scalability: finally, low-code solutions could be scalable. 

These are compelling reasons.

Of course, the same strategies have drawbacks. For example, cloud deployments and auto ml have their challenges.

But I believe that for SMEs, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/YI9wpdp-eww