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Could ABBAtars be the business model for the metaverse and 5G?

  • ajitjaokar 

Last week, the 80s pop group ABBA performed a ‘hologram concert’ based on what they called as ‘ABBAtars’

By all measures in the media, it was very successful

From a technological perspective, could it offer a ‘killer app’ for 5G and the Metaverse?

Firstly, a hologram concert is not a hologram as we know it (as in Star Wars Princess Lea visual)

A hologram concert takes place in a specially built area that blurs the digital and the physical world (the ABBA Arena at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London has been built especially for the shows)

The screen has 65 million pixels

To create the ABBAtars, the band performed in motion capture suits for five weeks, with 160 cameras scanning their body movements and facial expressions. Those became reference points for hundreds of animators and visual effects artists to create avatars of the band in their heyday.(source BBC)

The result is truly spectacular

But what are the implications?

Firstly, this could translate to concerts in the metaverse giving a superior experience

Secondly, in live venues, 5G technology, specifically small cells within 5G, could be used to create a richer experience. Small cells are a part of 5G that involve deploying condensed base posts set up every few hundred feet. This technology works with an area with antenna units that will deliver mobile 5G customers with reliable data services and continuous data handoff. Small cells are deployed in smart cities, concert venues, etc.

5G Small cells could be used for increased interactivity and venue management.

It could also be used in the production of the holograms themselves

I think this is an exciting technology that could have a great future for the metaverse and 5G





Image source BBC