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Autonomous Intelligent Systems

  • ajitjaokar 
Robot steering an autonomous self driving car also known as driv

Autonomous Intelligent Systems is a new and emerging interdisciplinary field that deals with situations where humans interact with AI systems that are autonomous 

The best definition for autonomous intelligent systems I can find is:

Autonomous Intelligent Systems are AI software systems that act independently of direct human supervision, e.g., self-driving cars, UAVs, smart manufacturing robots, care robots for the elderly and virtual agents for training or support. Such systems need to be able to make safe, rational and human values-compatible decisions in unforeseen circumstances. Their decision making should be understandable by human users and collaborators, to ensure the necessary trust on behalf of the human users.

There are multiple challenges in this area spanning both technology and ethics.  It is also an interdisciplinary subject spanning science, humanities and social sciences. Research in this area spans control theory and also autonomous learning agents spanning topics for intelligent automation such as

• Intelligent robotics;

• Autonomous agent systems;

• Optimal control and decision making;

• Machine learning and applications;

• Knowledge representation;

• Intelligent information and multimedia systems;

• Social intelligence systems;

• Natural language understanding and processing;

• Human-machine-environment interaction and coexisting;

• Swarm intelligence and distributed control;

• Intelligent sensing and multi-sensor information fusion.

The nine Building Blocks of intelligent automation are themselves split into three elements, shown below


The Core elements of AI (in purple): Data, Algorithms, Platform and Integration.

These are the things that together create AI and hence allow the system to exhibit


The Critical factors for success (in green): Advantage, Consent and Confidence.

These are not part of the system itself but are critical to the successful development

and deployment of the system.

The Cross-cutting enablers (in blue): Expertise and Enterprise. These are the things

that bring everything together and are required to deliver autonomous systems

at scale. 

I suspect many areas in 2023 will draw upon this research

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