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Autonomous Cars- The Future of Vehicular Technology

  • Nikita Godse 
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The world is moving at a faster pace with the adoption of 5G and data-driven technology. Artificial Intelligence is introduced to the world as a friend and humans are ensuring every possible way of handing over the tough tasks to machines. The idea of self-driving vehicles has attracted significant attention as well as investments worldwide. An estimated 4.4 billion of private investment was made on “autonomous vehicles” in a 2020 research for artificial intelligence and how can AI be used for serving humanity for a better cause. AI innovative work is playing a major role in the improvement of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and finding out if these elements are promoting development in a specific way or empowering some socio-technical frameworks while dispossessing different potential outcomes is necessary.

The Autonomous Vehicle (AV) industry’s quick advancement has energized controllers all over the planet to acquaint strategy systems and enactment with empowering the protected experimentation and improvement of the innovation. As they explore this extraordinary speed of mechanical progression, we assessed and planned the most recent advancements on the AV business post-pandemic.

Automated vehicles in the future could offer the comfort of dropping vehicle inhabitants at their objective, regardless of whether an air terminal or shopping center, while the vehicle leaves itself. In a completely computerized vehicle, everything inhabitants could securely seek after more useful or engaging exercises, such as reacting to email or watching a film. Robotization and car-sharing might prod more interest in a wide range of electric vehicles. At the point when the vehicle is utilized more hours daily through car-sharing, any straightforward battery expenses could be shared likewise, expanding the financial allure of electric cars.


Self-driving cars consolidate an assortment of sensors to see their environmental factors, like radar, sonar, GPS, lidar, odometry, and inertial estimation units. Progressed control frameworks decipher tangible data to distinguish proper navigation ways, just as unexpected problems and important driving signs.

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