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Amazing Benefits of Big Data Analytics Career

  • Aileen Scott 
why big data analytics certification is important?
The Force Is strong in this one.

Big data is all over the place! and it has the ability to provide us with far more than we expect. Be it: 

  • A hospital that gathers information in order to assess specific outcomes and improve outcomes. 
  • To enhance the appeal, a business collects data from customers. 
  • Users’ data is collected by businesses to improve the organization’s decision-making capabilities. 

How can a job in big data not be the first choice when big data is so important? The following are the top reasons why a job in big data could be a goldmine for data analysts and related professionals. 


Why big data is the right career choice for big data analysts today! 

1. Highly prioritized 

Big data is the number one priority for businesses. According to a Deloitte report: 

  • Over 65 percent of organizations are using various types of big data to improve their business operations. 
  • Approximately 45 percent of businesses feel big data can provide them with meaningful insights 
  • Over 38 percent are eager to use it for sales and marketing 
  • All of these figures demonstrate how strongly individuals believe in the power of data. 

2. Limited Supply 

While the demand for big data is very great, the supply is relatively modest. Because few specialists chose this field, the value and salary of those who do are higher. Many companies are on the lookout for big data analysts that can deliver results and assist them in making smarter business decisions. Professionals or data analysts seeking to enter this field can obtain big data analyst certification to get an edge in their careers.  

3. Extensive Demand 

The big data market is estimated to reach USD 46 Billion probably by the end of this year. A desire for big data is skyrocketing. Every business hopes to gain, store, and interpret data. Every day, data analysts uncover new patterns, insights, and actionable information. This data is subsequently used to improve the organization’s working conditions and productivity, as well as its decision-making capabilities. This need will only grow as we continue to investigate all facets of big data. 

4. Trending opportunities 

Since there is such a great need for big data, the opportunities for this employment role are likewise many. As a data analyst, one can look into different organizations or work with many ones. It is feasible to assume different work positions covered by big data if you have the necessary, deep knowledge of the topic. These professionals can also continue to understand unfamiliar fields and explore new fields of data. Data has a plethora of opportunities right now. All that is needed to be done by potential big data analysts is get the necessary expertise and enter the field. Expertise may be in form of on-the-job training, post-graduation, or even big data analyst certifications.  

5. Profitable deals 

Since big data is a win-win situation in every way, data scientists may expect a good income and benefits package. A big data professional can make up to USD 90,000 per year. With the correct talent and desire to learn, this spectrum can be expanded. 

6. Data can be found in every sector 

Big data is practically all around us. You name it, and it is in there! There is no doubting that data has altered the way we are going decisions and interpret user behavior. The chances of big data vanishing or this career becoming obsolete are exceedingly remote.  

Why are big data analyst certifications important? 

Several institutions offer big data analyst certifications, Data analysts or professionals seeking to embark on their journey in this field can choose any certifications, to boost their qualifications and stand ahead in the eyes of recruiters. Some of the benefits of earning these credentials are: 

  • A big data analytics certification demonstrates a person’s expertise in a subject. These examinations are difficult and require a great deal of information to pass. 
  •  Recruiters seek profiles with certifications, which increases the possibility of beginners getting recruited soon. 
  • Big data analytics credentials increase efficiency because professionals and novices alike will be seen as skilled data analysts, ultimately proving to be a valuable asset to businesses. 

To wrap up… 

Big data is becoming a major priority for many businesses, now is the ideal time to get your hands on this field. Pick up your computer, look at some big data and information, earn the necessary certifications, and get started.