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9 Best Apps to Develop Your Data Science Skills

  • Upma Singh 
Best 9 Mobile Apps to Develop Your Data Science Skills in 2023

Mobile phones are the most preferred medium of accomplishing minute-to-minutest tasks on a daily basis. We don’t need to visit any particular restaurant to take away the food, we can do this by just sitting on our favorite couch at home, thanks to food ordering apps. Not only this but mobile applications also facilitate growing one’s knowledge in any specific field.

The advent of mobile phones has completely altered the learning system. There are countless apps that help people understand modern tech and the methods to use it. One of the most progressing technology today is data science. It is completely altering the way businesses used to carry out. Mobile app development services that are catering to this growing demand are making massive bucks by launching data science learning apps.

Data science is among the highest-paying jobs in the market today because there is considerably less supply than demand. If you want to acquire this high-yielding skill, we will introduce you to some of the best apps that help you acquire a strong grasp of this concept. Let’s get going!

What is data science? Which is the best application to learn this skill?

9 Best Apps to Develop Your Data Science Skills

Data science uses a combination of algorithms, scientific computing, statistics, scientific techniques, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and processes to extrapolate insights from enormous data.

In simple words, data science is the study of a large set of data, then extracting significant information, and removing unnecessary ones from unstructured and structured data.

Almost every business uses data science in their decision-making and key planning to make things easier for them while keeping abreast with the inventive revolution. Now you know what data science is. Let us introduce you to some apps that offer great data science modules on the go. We have tried and reviewed each on the list, you can pick which impresses you the most.

1.   QPython

Developed by QPythonLab, this app is one of the best learning apps for android users. QPython has some features that are only found in computer systems like a runtime environment, QPYI, a script editor, an interpreter, and the SL4A library.

QPython is the best learning app for beginners who have just stepped into the world of programming. This application provides a great platform to start coding practices.

Features of QPython:

  • Efficient implementation of programs without complicated IDE, package, compile, progress, and much more.
  • The app’s team offers a pre-compiled mix of C and C++ code.
  • Access to android APIs such as Bluetooth, GPS, SMS, NFC, and more.
  • Transporting codes to a phone is easy with the help of a built-in QR code reader.
  • Access to the custom repository.

2.   Basic Statistics

Basic Statistics is a simple yet comprehensive app that meets each programmer’s statistical requirements. This application gives access to a huge library of content. It explains the meaning of statistics terms and definitions. You can say it is a convenient pocket guide to understand statistics information.

You can choose topics from a wide range of options such as counting techniques, data descriptions, probability, statistical definitions, and much more. This app is one of the best choices for beginners to learn data science and build a strong understanding of it.

Features of Basic Statistics:

  • Easy revision of the basic statistics in data science.
  • A simple and great learning tool to acquire basic-level data science concepts.
  • You can opt for quick quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Clean visuals and friendly user interface.

3.   Data Science 101

Developed by Successcrazzy, Data Science 101 is an all-in-one application that covers everything in data science. This app mainly focuses on educating about machine learning algorithms.

Data Science 101 allows users to download Python code examples and datasets, create machine learning models, and view graphs within the application. Being a free app, it offers in-depth content about data science.

Features of Data Science 101:

  • Function to visualize and view graphs of algorithms.
  • A substantial amount of content to learn about various concepts.
  • Basic explanation of machine learning algorithms.
  • Clear, simple, and easy interface.
  • Suitable project ideas for beginners.

4.   Probability Distributions

Probability Distributions is another mobile statistics tool for learning data science. Probabilities is a theory that every budding data scientist is acquainted with. This application seamlessly calculates percentiles and probabilities and pictures them on a probability density function plot.

This app provides a great platform to learn statistics. It offers very useful probability distribution statistics which is very helpful for those who have just started learning data science.

Features of Probability Distributions:

  • Computing the plot for reference during data science boot camp is easy.
  • Wide range of options in probability distribution statistics.
  • This app offers instructions while using it.
  • It is clear and nicely designed.
  • Calculate percentiles and probability density function plot.

5.   SoloLearn

SoloLearn app is picked as Google Play’s Editor Choice, it is one of the best applications for those who are building their career in coding. This app offers the biggest collection of learning content for data science programming which is absolutely free. 

Courses such as machine learning, SQL, R, Python, algorithms, and data structure are free for data buffs. This app helps in developing basic programming concepts. It has a clean code editor which offers great app-based learning. You can brush up your programming skills while keeping abreast of the latest coding trends.

Features of SoloLearn:

  • Comprehensive tool to learn a wide range of languages.
  • The different levels in the application encourage you to code and learn more.
  • An in-built code editor in the app.
  • Practicing between lessons helps in testing knowledge.
  • You can manipulate the programming languages easily.

6.   DataCamp

DataCamp is one of the best sources for learning data science or analytics online. This app works well in both iOS and android operating systems. DataCamp offers wide and interactive coding courses that help budding programmers grasp everything about coding. This app educates you about the process of importing, analyzing, and visualizing the data in your mobile phones.

However, you need to signup for a premium subscription i.e. $5 for a month to access all its features.  It also has a 7-day free trial offer as well. The subscription is charged for common data science languages courses like SQL (Structured Query Language), R, and Python.

Features of DataCamp:

  • Interactive courses that will guide you through coding concepts and exercises.
  • Comprehensive courses for beginners to kick-start their coding journey.
  • Get instant feedback on your code.
  • Daily exercises that test your knowledge and afford motivational learning.
  • Clean and simple user interface.

7.   Coursera

Coursera is one of the renowned open online course sites that provides high-quality data science and data analytics course for all levels of experience. They have a mobile app that works seamlessly in android and iOS.

Once you download the Coursera app, you get access to a huge library of courses that are offered by different colleges and institutes across the globe. You can learn through lectures and video content. You also get an accredited certificate from known colleges after completing your course.

Features of Coursera:

  • You can pick and pay for the course you are interested in.
  • Get certified by renowned universities and colleges in the world.
  • Massive library of different types of courses including data science and data analytics.

8.   Enki

Enki is another best tool that offers a range of topics to learn and develop skills including data science, SQL, and Python. This app is designed for both seasonal as well as beginners developers.

It includes interactive and quick quizzes that promote motivational learning. This app builds a strong foundation of programming which proves to be beneficial for developers in the data science learning journey.

Features of Enki:

  • Clean user interface.
  • Detailed content on different topics and concepts.
  • Interactive quizzes strengthen your grasp of new programming concepts.
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand lesson materials.

9.   Brilliant

Brilliant is another platform that offers online courses to people. It is one of the best applications to learn science and math in the market today. It offers a range of topics in maths and data science.

The lecture-styled course content is easy to understand. The presentation of the content makes it comfortable for beginners to learn the concept. This app offers a good learning experience to its users.

Features of Brilliant:

  • Attractive user interface.
  • Range of topics on science and math.
  • Good user experience.
  • Short and interactive quizzes on different concepts.

Wrapping Up

Getting educated through mobile apps is both interesting and convenient. Churning out time to add a new skill is tough when it comes to learning a highly competitive field i.e. data science. However, all the apps mentioned above have made it easier for data buffs to understand the concept on their smartphone.

Learning via mobile phones is a huge time-saving option, especially when you are learning concepts of data science.  By now you must have decided which app you will select to kickstart the journey of learning data science. Remember to spend more and more time with your learning app to practice and completely absorb this highly lucrative field. Good Luck!

About the Author:

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