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7 Software Development Challenges & How To Tackle Them

  • Ahana Pearl 
stressed software developer at office
Stressed software developer with headphones and computer at office.

Software development is not as easy as we perceive. Building a startup or a product from scratch is a time-consuming and complicated process. You need to develop a valuable and unique idea that the users would prefer. You must develop a meaningful product and sell it successfully to users or other businesses. 

Throughout the process, you would encounter several pitfalls or challenges you need to tackle. This blog discusses some of the top software development challenges businesses face today. Let’s have a look at those. 

7 Common Software Development Challenges That Businesses Face

Obstacles are frustrating, especially when it comes to software development. Let us check some common issues that arise while dealing with a particular software development project. We will also discuss how such obstacles or challenges can be tackled more easily.

Challenge 1 – Not Validating the Product

Not investing enough time in market research and customer development and creating a product nobody wants wastes time. Many business enterprises believe they already have a solution to the problem without proper market research. 

They do not care about the user’s feedback and create their product on existing assumptions. Ignoring market research and user’s opinion is a severe mistake that most startups make. 

The solution is simple. As an entrepreneur, you must understand the market and your target users. Conducting proper research before you kick off your project is essential. The research will continue to be utilized across all the stages of development, right from ideation to launch.

Challenge 2 – Lack of a Clear Plan

Most startups waste time and money trying to complete their project too early. This hampers the product development process as it all started without a proper roadmap. To be successful, you need a proper roadmap. To tackle this challenge, the startups can go for validating their product idea with an MVP. 

Knowing if your startup app idea is solving your target audience’s problem is crucial. But how would you determine if your product idea will work or not?

It is the MVP or Minimum Viable Product that comes to the rescue. Through MVP, you can test and evaluate your speculations about the marketplace and get a quick review of your product idea from the users. Other than that, you can also get funding from angel investors to help save time and money.

Challenge 3 – Ignoring the UI/UX Design

Most startups rush to create a technical solution instead of spending or planning on their product design. Product design is nothing but the blueprint of how your product will appear and function before it is developed. 

Bad designs can take you to the path of failure right away. Starting from the flow of screens, product image positions, navigational features, and everything, entrepreneurs need to move out of the ‘basic’ app design. 

The design of an app, especially the UI/UX, is not just about how an app looks. It is something that enhances the user experience as a whole. The Designers and Developers must work together in tandem to ensure that both are on the same page for creating the best design with functional features.

Challenge 4 – Customizing Only On Existing Products

Most companies prefer to tailor an existing product to reduce the speed of time to the market and the overall cost. This is just the pure desire to make more money quickly. In doing so, the startups fail to see that in the future, they would be technologically lagging behind their competitors as digitization is always on the surge. 

One of the main problems with product customization is that once it gets deployed, the customization layer fails to provide resilience because the business requirement changes. In such cases, stability becomes a big issue. No matter how often you customize a particular product, it will still incur more expense. 

Therefore, developing a new product is always cheaper and time-saving compared to customizing the existing one. Outsourcing such services to a reputed software development company will be one of the smartest decisions. The experts of such companies take less time to build genuine codes and intuitive products from scratch. This ensures that a particular software product has been logically built and all the aspects of the products are connected properly. 

Challenge 5 – Marketing Strategy Not On Point

Is your app marketing strategy on point? 

It is quite obvious that you are in the startup game to earn more ROI. However, did you ever crosscheck if your marketing strategies are working or not? 

Marketing activities and their outcomes are often neglected. App development without a solid market strategy might ruin all your hard work. Besides this, one of the common mistakes that companies make is involving their marketing team much later in the product development process. 

Without marketing your idea, you won’t be able to find out the USPs of your product. Marketing is essentially required to optimize your app product for different app stores. To tackle this problem, you must develop solid marketing strategies and line them up. Keep track of the strategies and consistently measure the outcomes.

Challenge 6 – Choosing the Wrong Technical Stack

There is a huge temptation to pick mainstream technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, or machine learning to start product development. They don’t think much about the future and focus on new technology without testing it. 

This unproven or untested technology requires a larger budget and leads to project delivery issues. While choosing a technology to be utilized in product development, you must research and determine which technology would fit your product. 

Also, you need to check if your app developers can work on such technology and are comfortable with it.

Challenge 7 – Hiring The Wrong Development Team 

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of hiring the wrong develipment team it is recomended you have to choose the best software development company to get 100% accurate and fruitful results. Amateur development and designing cannot ensure your success. For a sleek, polished, and cleanly coded application, you need to look out for the best software development team approved by people and B2B review sites like Clutch. 

While choosing the best company, you need to check out their portfolio testimonials and other details through which you can make an informed decision. The best way to avoid this common problem is to look for developers or a development team with wide experience working with different startups. 

These people would know what kind of technology best suits small and large projects. Understandably, choosing the right development team or developers to work on your software project is quite a challenging task. Therefore, your best bet will be to hire someone with industry experts who can offer you a wide array of methodology and technology that would suit your project.

What’s Your Takeaway?

We currently reside in a world where mobile applications have marked their presence. People now tend to spend more time on their smartphones. So, even if your target audience is B2-B customers, your business has the potential to earn with mobile apps. 

However, a single wrong approach in your software development process can hurt your earnings and adversely affect your brand’s credibility. Overcoming today’s common software development challenges won’t be an easy game, but there is always a silver lining: ‘overlapping solutions.’ 

Trust only the reputed software app development companies that offer custom software development services. The product development expert can help your organization tackle the product development challenges and set you apart from others.