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5 Features Of Employee Scheduling Software For Your Team

  • Evan Morris 
Female child therapist in an office during a phone call, using online calendar to schedule patients appointments. Calendar Planner Organization Management Concept.
Female child therapist in an office during a phone call, using online calendar to schedule patients appointments. Calendar Planner Organization Management Concept.

Successful organizations rely on employee scheduling software features to simplify schedule changes, boost employee retention, and keep everyone running on the same page. In fact, over 60% of small businesses experience faster, more accurate, and easier scheduling using advanced software solutions. This software has become a valuable tool to plan hours of operations, job duties, and employee shift availability. Used in a variety of cases, companies ensure shifts are filled and operations are running smoothly to meet the market demands. In fact, roster software keeps companies running in vital industries such as hospitality, healthcare, and construction. As a business owner, it’s best to implement employee timesheet software to maintain all employee schedules and business workflows. Here are the top features of employee scheduling software for your team.

Time Tracking Features

Employee scheduling software provides several time-tracking features for your team of employees. Using time management features, you can create a summarized schedule with set deadlines, projects, and tasks. Maintain the schedule by monitoring progress in real-time. Additionally, you can identify and prioritize any tasks to keep up with key project deadlines. If you are still struggling, there are several simple rules for managing deadlines. This allows you to hold the correct workers responsible for complications, unfinished tasks, or complaints. More so, all documents including performance reviews, feedback, or reports are logged into the software. You can reference this log when addressing positive or negative employee performance.

Modern Award Interpretation

Another popular feature of employee scheduling software is modern award interpretation. Automatically calculate any mix of overtime, time rates, split shifts, or superannuation. These results are based on each worker’s profile and Modern Award models. The software performs calculations throughout the roster and provides an award interpreted timesheet at the end of the period. Employees can reduce their admin time by sending you their timesheets. Approve and sync it directly with the software’s payroll program. You can better control payroll processes and real-time costs. Of course, using employee scheduling software with modern award interpretation is one of the biggest technology trends impacting business today.

Scheduling Capabilities

Of course, use employee timesheet software to run your team efficiently with enhanced scheduling capabilities. For employee scheduling made easy, you can use these solutions. This advanced functionality helps you build schedules in minutes and share them with your team, so you never have to worry about being short-staffed. You can view each worker’s skills, availability, and pay through a shared document. This allows you to create a qualified work crew on a first-come, first-serve policy. In fact, employees can request time off through management software. Therefore, you can assign shifts more efficiently with dependable availability and leave insights. Moreover, employees need to clock in and out through the software. With regular time checks, you can review the timesheets to see who comes in late, skips their shifts, or takes unnecessary breaks. Unwarranted or missed breaks are flagged so you can manage unprecedented compliance risks.

Labor Cost Analysis

More so, employee scheduling software provides a labor cost analysis feature. According to recent data, businesses spend anywhere from 40 to 75% of their gross revenue on employee wages. Therefore, detailed cost analyses can help your business save money and better understand compensation costs. Receive reports that show the cost of labor versus sales. Start by setting wages per employee or responsibility. You can see how much it costs to employ members for each shift. Then, forecast and track labor costs through provided spreadsheets. You will be alerted when exceeding amounts of savings, profits, and margins. In fact, you can view your labor costs as a sales percentage. Upload expected sales values to see if you are going above your labor percentage goal as soon as you schedule.

Advanced Analytics And Reports

Finally, a top feature of employee scheduling software for your team is advanced enterprise data and analytics reports. Receive up-to-the-minute updates through all operations including scheduling, professional development and payroll. This will allow your team to be more cost-efficient, agile, and increasingly competitive. Use the analytics and reports to your advantage. View who is under or over-utilized and how that could impact your hiring costs. Give employees an increase in shift visibility so they know what shifts need more or less manpower. More so, use the 360-degree HR visibility feature to identify areas that need improvement including payroll, finance, and employee compliance.

The Bottom Line There are several key features of the best employee scheduling software solutions. When looking for a powerful tool to manage your team, the right set of features and capabilities can make or break your decision. Of course, an ideal employee scheduling app will be comprehensive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective. Plus, it should have direct results on your organizational productivity, payroll processing- and staff retention. Before making your decision, it is essential that you take all of these factors into account. This way, you can avoid the hassles of switching software applications while growing your company. Follow the points above to learn about the top features of employee scheduling software for your team