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10 Tips to Protect Your Organization Against Ransomware Attacks in 2022

Ransomware Cyber Attack Showing Personal Files Encrypted

Are you wondering how to protect your organization’s data against ransomware attacks? You have come to the right place. Avoiding ransomware isn’t a Herculean task, but before we share the specifics of how to prevent ransomware attacks, we would like to talk about what exactly ransomware attacks are. 

What Are Ransomware Attacks?

There are different kinds of cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, and ransomware attacks are one of them. It is a method of attack wherein an encryption Trojan gets into your system and locks the whole operating system and encrypts the data. The moment it gets hold of the digital hostage, it then demands a ransom from the user to free the file. Sometimes they may even ask for a large sum of money and so it is best advised to learn how to combat ransomware attacks.

So, let’s find out how to avoid ransomware.

How Can Companies Protect Themselves Against Ransomware Attacks? 

Safe online behavior 

This is the very first thing one needs to learn. When trying to learn how to prevent ransomware attacks, one of the key things is to watch out for your online footprints. Never ever click attachments from unknown sources and always make sure to verify emails before you click on them. In order to avoid ransomware, you have to be doubly sure of what you do on the web and who the source is.

Keeping programs up to date

Another important thing to do when avoiding ransomware is to make sure that your system has all the updates it needs. Never defer system updates for long because sometimes they contain patches for malware prevention. This can help you protect your systems against ransomware attacks. 

Known sources for downloads

When we are using the web, we tend to download stuff from the back of our hands. Often, you do it without even taking a look at the key details. This can make you a victim of ransomware attacks. You need to make sure that you choose to download only from known sources that are safe and reliable. Never choose a website with an HTTP URL rather always go for HTTPS as the ‘s’ actually stands for secure. 

Some websites also have a lock or a shield symbol in the address bar. This too is indicative of a secure web page. 

Backup software 

While most people tend to use backup software, one has to be cautious because some of these third-party tools may also turn out to be trojans. They may end up accessing the data and thereby block you out. There is a few antivirus software that offers plug-ins for creating backups. This avoids the need for third-party backup providers and can help avoid ransomware.

VPNs for public Wi-Fi networks 

Whenever you are using a public Wi-Fi network, you need to know that you are at a higher risk of being hit with a virus and malware. However, using these is inevitable as many times we end up doing important work in coffee shops or airport lounges. So, in such cases, if you want to know how to protect your computer against ransomware attacks, you should make sure to access the web over a VPN.

VPNs create a data tunnel between the person and the local network and then the exit link is from the other location. This makes it hard for cyber criminals to precisely track the exact location where your data can be accessed. This is a great way to protect your organization from ransomware. 

Anti-ransomware tools 

At the end of it, by opting for some of the finest anti-ransomware tools you will know how to protect against ransomware attacks. These tools make use of state-of-the-art technology to make sure that intruders can’t access the system or get hold of digital hostages.

One such software that can help you protect against ransomware attacks has to be the Nakivo data protection software. They help in creating super reliable backups and make it a point to store it at three separate locations to ensure the best accessibility. Apart from this, it also comes with automated disaster recovery. They make it a point to authenticate the backup as the verification process is an added layer of assurance. One can also enjoy uninterrupted and seamless operations with the help of this software. It is in all a great way to recover from cyber security threats and vulnerabilities and thereby offers adequate ransomware protection. 

These are some of the ways you can use to protect your organization from ransomware. However, always remember being cautious is key. As long as you are vigilant and watchful of the links you click, the stuff you download, and the websites you access, you should be able to keep yourself safe from ransomware attacks.

As an organization’s sysadmin or IT manager, it should be your duty to make sure that you create the right awareness and teach employees about the need to be aware of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. The more knowledge they are equipped with, the higher the chance of staying safe.

Cybercrime is rampant in today’s times and so it is very important to be alert. Of course, there is anti-malware software designed for this purpose and it can surely come in handy. But the key to avoiding ransomware lies in having a solid first line of defense. Have regular cybercrime prevention training sessions in your office and make sure to stick to the right ethical and safe use of the web. 

When you are playing it safe, cybercriminals will have a hard time blasting their way into the system. So, make sure to use these steps and then educate others about how to prevent ransomware attacks.