Real-time Analytics for Small Data, Big Data, and Huge Data!

Why wait for insight when you don’t have to? The old school, yet current belief is that meaningful insight from data comes as a result of offline computations that take hours or even days. This webinar will tell a very different story about how to be successful analyzing, monitoring and searching data of all shapes and sizes in real-time.

In this webinar you will learn:

- How real-time visibility changes the way decisions are made inside organizations
- How to get started with real-time capabilities without disruption to your current IT infrastructure
- How to gain visibility and intelligence on customers, services and transactions; and spot trends and patterns of behavior in real-time

Whether your data is small or huge, whether you are expert or novice, this webinar will provide inspiration and practical steps forward in how to benefit from real-time data intelligence. Join us!

Panelists include:

Archana Ganapathi, Research Engineer, Splunk
Eric Tschetter, Lead Architect of Druid the open source, distributed, in-memory OLAP data store
Eric Colson, Chief Analytics Officer at Stitch Fix (formerly VP Eng. & Data Science at Netflix)

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