DSC Webinar Series: Hadoop 2.0: YARN to Further Optimize Data Processing

Data is exponentially increasing in both types and volumes, creating opportunities for businesses. To fully realize the potential of this new data, analysts recommend the shift from a single platform to a data ecosystem. Multiple systems are needed to exploit the variety and volume of data sources. A flexible data repository such as a data lake is needed to store the data. Technologically speaking Apache Hadoop 2 enables true data lake architectures. The introduction of YARN in particular added a pluggable framework that enabled new data access patterns in addition to MapReduce. An intelligent data management layer is needed to manage metadata and usage patterns as well as track consumption across these data platforms.

Join us in this webinar as our panel of experts discusses how Hadoop can be used alongside the Enterprise Data Warehouse and with Data Integration tools to enable the optimization of data processing workloads for more efficient use of resources

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Comment by Tafseer Uddin on September 28, 2014 at 4:12am

My name is Tafseer Uddin, Innovative Management Services www.innovative-management.org.  We doing our activities in Canada, North America & in Pakistan.    


Kindly allow me to share few updates from our upcoming summit - Open-BDA Hadoop Summit 2014 ! (www.hadoopsummit.pk) ,


As you know, that Big Data Analytics (BDA) is rapidly turning out to be a significant global enterprise need. It aims to facilitate the storage, querying and analysis of enterprise big data, which is getting more complicated and time-consuming with traditional database technologies. Apache Hadoop is a well-known Open-source BDA enterprise solution which is seeing an annual application growth rate of 60% globally.


With the rise of Apache Hadoop, a next-generation enterprise data architecture is emerging that allows organizations to efficiently rein in their big data business transactions. Hadoop is uniquely capable of storing, aggregating, querying and analyzing big data sources into formats that fuel new business insights. Organizations that embrace solution architectures focused on maximizing data-driven insights will put themselves in a position to drive more business, enhance productivity, maintain competitive edge or discover new and lucrative business opportunities. Over the coming years, Hadoop could be in a position to process more than half the world’s data.


To educate organizations about how best to leverage Apache Hadoop as a key component of their enterprise big data architecture, we are pleased to host the 1st annual Open-BDA Hadoop Summit 2014 which is scheduled to be held on 18th & 19th November, 2014 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi


Target audience for the Summit & Training are Developers, Data Architects, Technical Infrastructure Teams, Data Scientists, Data Integration Architects, Data Administrators & Data Analyst. CIOs, IT Managers & Decision makers will be invited to the Summit as our VIP guests.


Open-BDA Hadoop Summit is going to be an annual event followed by back to back skill set training and workshops throughout the year. Our prime focus this year is to educate organizations on how best to leverage Hadoop as a key component in their enterprise architecture.  


Summit is being supported by FAST NU www.nu.edu.pk IoBM www.iobm.edu.pk & PSEB www.pseb.org.pk.


The Highlights of this years’ Summit so far are:

  • Mr. Jothi Periasammy, Chief Data Scientist, Harvard Innovation Lab, Harvard University
  • Mr. Krish Krishnnan, Data Scientist, Author, TDWI -The Data Warehousing Institute Faculty, CTA, Executive Consultant - Innovation & Strategy
  • Dr. Frank Harper Jr., CIO Intelligent System Services, Adjunct Associate Prof., Cambridge Corporate University
  • Prof. Dr. Irfan Hyber, Dean Center of Business Management, CES Institute of Business Management
  • Imran Moinuddin, Founder & CEO NexDegree
  • Prof. Dr. Tariq Mahmood, Associate Professor, Data Scientist, Trainer


Kindly send me you official email address in order to extend the further details and formal invitation.


Tafseer Uddin

Regional Advisor, Alberta Canada, Email: [email protected], Cell: +1 403 966 7599

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