Analyzing Census Time-Series Data with Feature Extraction and Clustering

What's Really the Next Silicon Valley? In this latest Data Science Central Webinar event, Matt Coatney, a Data Scientist at Exaptive will discuss feature extraction and clustering of time series data, using city census data about businesses as fodder. He'll explain his approach for symbolically representing time series data with Symbolic Aggregate approXimation (SAX) and sorting them with Fourier transform.

Matt will also explain how algorithms from genetics can aid in clustering time series data. You will see the Python he wrote to implement the algorithms, and he will explore the results of the clustering with a visual application to find patterns in the census data.

Now let's finally settle what city is really going to be the next Silicon Valley!

Speaker: Matt Coatney, Data Scientist and VP Services -- Exaptive
Hosted by: Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director -- Data Science Central

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