Why you Should take up a Data Analytics Certification

That data analytics is big is not in dispute. Global revenues for big data software and services are expected to grow from USD 42 billion in 2018 to USD 103 billion in 2027, at a CAGR of 10.48%. And in the United States itself, by 2020, about 2.7 million job postings for data analytics and data science are expected. 

Data inflows into companies are growing exponentially all the time, and companies are slowly appreciating the importance of this data as a potential source of valuable insights that could facilitate better, more informed decisions. Over the years, companies improved their data storage capabilities but were unable to mine the data to get any useful results. The realization that this potential exists is spurring the demand for specialists in data analytics and bringing about the higher investments and job postings described above. 

How useful is a certification for a career in data science? 

For someone beginning a career in data science, a data science certificate is particularly useful. It shows the person has a working knowledge of data science, even if there is no job experience. It is a great way to get a foot in the door in a company.


For those working for longer, a data analytics certification still has its uses. It is a way to demonstrate that along with work experience, the person is willing to invest in continuous learning and is serious about strengthening his or her capabilities to take on more challenging roles and grow in a career.


Up to pace with industry trends


A certification helps a candidate stay abreast of current trends, practices, and knowhow. It teaches a lot of new things and expands the knowledge base, beyond what one would learn within just one company or one industry domain.


Higher chances to get desired roles


Certification increases the chances of getting hired. Hiring managers concur that certification plays a major role in the process of selecting a candidate, as it helps a resume to stand out from the rest. Getting certified in data analytics from a respected institution requires some serious effort, but the rewards are substantial in terms of lucrative job opportunities. It opens up a choice of many roles in the field, such as business intelligence professionals, data scientists, or solution managers.


Eligibility in more than one domain


A number of industries such as entertainment, finance, and retail are working on data analytics, which creates many avenues for a candidate with a data science certificate. Also, the skills used and developed in one industry can be transferred fairly easily to a different industry, which helps the person to not be tied to any one industry and creates more opportunities.


Proof of passion and self-motivation


A candidate with a data science certificate is someone who is serious about a career in data science and data analytics. It helps to be sincere and driven about job aspirations in the eyes of hiring managers, and someone keen on a good career would have at least one recognized certification.


Shows credibility


A data analytics certification is a validation of the skills of the candidate in the field where he or she is looking for a job. Companies prefer candidates certified by recognized institutions as this evidences the presence of high standards of education and instruction.


Lower cost than college degrees or on-the-job learning


When compared to certifications, college degrees typically cost substantially more and also extend over much longer durations. In addition to this, learning is a mix of general academics and practical training. On-the-job learning tends to be unstructured and takes a lot of time, also running the risk of mistakes that could have a bearing on career progress. As compared to this, a certification offers more focused learning and training that better prepares a candidate for a job.


Potentially higher salaries


According to PayScale, the average annual salary for a data analyst in the US is USD 58,522. With more experience and career progress, a person could expect to progress to a data scientist position, where the average annual salary climbs to as high as USD 139,840. Given that a data analytics certification is a great way to take on higher responsibilities, it could lead to salary increases.


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