Why Metadata management is important?

Metadata management is the proactive usage of metadata in an organization to govern data in order to enable well-defined business decisions and efficiency in data handling. Metadata management involves ingesting metadata to learn about the organization's data, its value, and the optimization of data storage and its retention.

Why an organization needs a metadata management system?
By having a metadata management system in an organization, we can have employees add metadata into their repositories quickly and accurately without affecting the access of data within their systems. This improves creative workflows, thus enabling enhanced business processes. Managing the metadata can be difficult when the right tool is not used. Digital asset management systems such as DQLabs.ai facilitate metadata management and offer security features that control content access and distribution as well as tools to support creative workflows.


Enhanced Data Quality
Faster project delivery timeliness
Enhanced speed to make insights
Improve productivity and reduced costs
Regulatory Compliance
Digital transformation

Metadata management brings business value, thereby improving innovation, collaboration and helps to mitigate imminent risks. Metadata management solutions like DQLabs.ai helps organizations to access quality data and trusted data, in order to ensure that they get accurate insights from their data for business goals.

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