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Why large companies need Data Science experts like you

Picture this.

You’re late for work and hungry too. You quickly enter a fast food joint and wait in the long queue for your turn. You wish there was a quicker service where your choice would pop up automatically on a system and you could shop based on your past purchase data.

Sounds good?

Well, it may not be at your nearest fast food joint right now, but companies like Amazon are tracking your past purchase data and giving you recommendations which speeds-up the process and make your buying easier, smoother with no hassles.

Wonder how this is done?  With the help of Data Science.

Data science tracks millions of data sets and provides concrete information for organizations looking to break their data into meaningful information that can be used at all levels in the organization.

Not only are companies like Amazon, and Uber investing heavily to make a delightful user experience they are also ready to pay well for data science experts. Here are amazing ways Uber is using Data Science.

So, if you really want to enter into data science you would need to upgrade your skills and assess which role would be most suitable for you.

Data Mining Engineer, business analyst are only some of the different role to explore. If crunching data excites you then you need to keep learning the evolving data science space.

Pick one role that would help establish your career in data science and work towards improving your knowledge over a period of time.

Infographic Source: Simplilearn

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