Data are good for many reasons, and there are times when data are not useful.  However, the good reasons outweigh the bad.

The best benefit of data is the opportunity to learn from it.  When companies create atmopheres for learning, data become an asset and a strategic priority.

Another benefit of data is the opportunity to get work done quickly.  However, the time needed to finish a task with the aid of data is dependent on a solid understanding of the question posed by the business.

The time needed to finish a task can increase with the use of data, hence there are times when data are not useful. In healthcare companies, outdated tools can thwart their best intentions, especially in the domain of big data.  It's important to match the capacities of the tools with the volume of data.  

Healthcare is especially important for its work to protect the privacy and security of protected health information. Unfortunately, the news reports several instances of data breaches at healthcare companies, which causes spikes of fear in the minds of patients and justifiably so.  However, it's also important for patients to be smart and protect themselves.  For example, patients can log off patient portals or obtain the contact information for privacy officials in their local hospitals or doctors' offices.

In the end, my experience reveals that data has changed our world for the better.  Its purpose is to help us pay attention and observe the world more carefully.  There's more than meets the eye.

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