What type of business intelligence tools are companies investing in this year?

`The full-stack BI software category comprises of three different product flavors, which are nonetheless comparable to each other as they all endeavor to provide an end-to-end solution to the data challenges described at the beginning of the guide. The three subcategories are:

  • On-Premise First Full-Stack BI Solutions: These are products that were usually designed originally as on-premise solutions, although many now also offer cloud versions.
  • Open Source Full-Stack BI Solutions: Although these products are all derived from open source projects, many of them are commercial software based on that open source stack.
  • Cloud Full-Stack BI Solutions: These are products designed from the outset as cloud products, most of which offer true SaaS multi-tenant software rather than single-tenant cloud deployments on an individual customer basis.

Some of these subcategories have seen major technological developments that have taken the BI world by storm. Largely because of the low cost of implementation and because they don't require IT support; ease of use is another key feature encouraging rapid adoption. This means BI has become more accessible to SMB’s and enterprises alike where couple years ago the cost and time consuming process made it affordable to enterprises only. This advancement in technology also means there are great number of innovative tools hitting the market with greater speed.

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Since our publication of our BI software guide for buyers, we've asked BI community to share with us their BI software usage and spend for the year ahead. Here are the key results from the survey

  1. Companies of all sizes use multiple tools in tandem with each other rather than look to a one-size-fits-all solution. If anything the number of distinct BI tools used is likely to increase in 2015. BI users who are largely fairly technical compared to average users are not afraid to get their hands dirty to integrate data from multiple best-of-breed BI tools instead of getting a suite where they might have breadth of functionalities but not depth.
  2. Cloud BI is more widely adopted by small and mid-size businesses rather than large enterprises. Having said that, enterprises are most likely to invest in Cloud BI. More so than SMB’s. It might be because purchasing, implementing and training staff in large enterprises can be expensive and time consuming. So like most enterprises, they are slow to invest in innovative technologies unless it has been proven.
  3. 50% of the organizations surveyed plan to spend slightly more or substantially more in 2015 on BI tools. Small businesses are more likely to invest in Big Data technology like Hadoop and Cloudera while mid-size and large enterprises are likely to invest in Cloud BI and data discovery/visualization tools.

If you want to see a breakdown of BI software usage and investments this year by company size, Check out the full post on the BI survey results on TrustRadius.

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