What is the most dangerous dish at Olive Garden?

Our entire family loves going to Olive Garden and every time we go, we order the same items from the menu!

Having access to the Olive Garden nutrition data is like stumbling on a pot of data gold, you never know that sinfully tasty food might be the most nutritious dish, or is it?

Let us start with the appetizers


Ouch! Lasagna Fritta is my favorite and it hurts me to dig this up. The top chart shows the Calories and the bottom chart shows the Carbs, Cholestrol etc in grams. That is 1600 calories from just Lasagna Fritta.

Let us bring the main course!

So what is the worst combination of drinks + appetizers and main course?

If you choose the above food combination "Red, White Blush Magnum + Lasagna Fritta + Lasagna Classico",

A whopping 3k calories + 1k calories from Fat = 4k total calories and 180 grams of Carbs + 100 grams of Fat.

Know this fact that no matter what discount coupon you use to get the above combo deal, the final Calorie bill is not going to be any trimmer!

Check the complete analysis here What is the most dangerous food combination at Olive Garden

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