What is data cleansing and why is it important?

Data cleansing is the practice of continuous management of data throughout its cycle of usefulness. Data cleansing is essential for ensuring high-quality data that is accessible, accurate, secure, and has high validity. Organizations invest in data cleansing to ensure compliance to standards and to ensure the usefulness of data, such that it can be retrieved for re-use.

Why is it important?

Cleansing the data helps to maintain quality and enables more accurate analytics in the overall decision-making process. Data cleansing comes in handy to manage the data in such a manner that it is managed to make sense; storage is minimized and is secured. This is done by taking measures such as removing duplicates in the raw data, blank fields, misspelled words, adding or removing rows and columns as may be necessary, and introducing third-party tools and information necessary to curate the data. Utilizing up-to-date data will help you to develop more effective strategies that will contribute to the overall long-term success of the business.

Here are the advantages of data cleansing

  • Generate more accurate data
  • Increase your overall ROI
  • Develop and strengthen your customer acquisition
  • Improves decision-making process
  • Save time and increase productivity
  • Protect reputation

Following the best practices of data cleansing will help you to achieve the results in an effective way.

The need for a data curator in an organization has grown over time. A data curator is now needed more than ever before. Their role has been clearly cut by the need to curate the ever-increasing data in any setting. Data cleansing has been in the past very haphazard and not much effort was put into it. Organizations have recently found themselves with large volumes of data that they do not use, creating the need to curate the data they already have for better and more economic use.

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