What are the Typical Data Scientist Profiles on LinkedIn? Survey Results

The charts below represents the main findings of some recent analysis of 1,000 data scientist LinkedIn profiles, using a web scraper. It was limited to Singapore, and for people having "data scientist" on their profile. Of course, many have a different job title especially in fields such as Fintech (quant engineer) or Healthcare (biostatistician) but the findings are interesting nevertherless and seem to apply to other locales as well.

The first chart features the educational background of these data scientists:

The second chart features the type of occupation (click on the pucture to zoom in):

The full study, with additional charts and methodology details, can be found here

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Comment by Tejaswi T on January 13, 2020 at 8:18am

Interesting notes for Graph 1 : Top fields of study by highest education 

Bachelors total = 8.428%

Masters total = 20.27%

PhD total = 12.09%

Other = 0.977%

Grand TOTAL = 41.765%

Seems about half are masters but there seems to 60% of the data which is unreported. Scraping challenges ?

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