What are data scientists interested in? Insights from our search engine data

We've gathered data from our newly created DSC search box, and based on 20,000 search queries over the last four months (most of them in the last 30 days), we discovered that the top queries so far are:

Top queries

  • data sets (1266) 
  • excel (846) 
  • python (732) 
  • bernard marr may 2015 (615) 
  • r (608) 
  • visualization (567) 
  • cheat sheet (520) 
  • bucketization (283) 
  • code snippets (227) 
  • r programming (180) 
  • data science (158) 
  • machine learning (141) 
  • infographics (101) 
  • data (100) 
  • deep learning (77) 
  • synthetic metrics * (74) 
  • berkeley * (46) 
  • tableau (43) 
  • big data (42) 
  • root cause analysis * (42) 

The number in parenthesis indicates the number of queries, over the last four months. Note that some keywords have a high number of queries, because they are listed as top queries in one of our popular articles. Starred queries were not promoted in any way. 

The growth of this search box is best illustrated in the chart below, showing queries per day:

Our new ad-free search engine

Today we created a new data science search engine, ad-free, where anyone can submit his blog for indexation. We invite you to try it and share it. Let us know which publishers should be added for crawling purposes. Unlike Google search, this engine will focus on specific, relevant websites, rather than generic top domains such as Wikipedia, Forbes, LinkedIn, New York Times, that get a large share of the Google search traffic despite delivering re-posted (non original) or barely relevant content. The purpose of this new search engine is to boost and give credit to the real authors and content creators (not to publishers with tons of money to do deals with Google), and especially display more results from actual data science practitioners, as opposed to journalists. And the cherry on the cake: there is no ads. Also, you can sort results by date or relevancy.

We expect this search engine to have far more traffic than our internal DSC search mentioned in the above paragraph, as we open our doors to any data science blogger, practitioner, or publisher -- big or small. Enjoy the new search feature!

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