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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions

  1. Statistical Analysis Advisor Chart * - Great visualization about data science 
  2. Data Science in Simple Terms *
  3. Linear Algebra Formulas for Econometrics *
  4. Feature Engineering Tips for Data Scientists and Business Analysts *
  5. All you need to know about Hadoop *
  6. Data Analysis in R 
  7. Two great visualizations about data science +
  8. Predictive Analytics for Beginners – part 1 
  9. National Institute of Standards and Technology Takes on the Interne... 
  10. Data Science and Technology Monthly - September 2015 
  11. An introduction to ElasticSearch 
  12. Top 10 Commercial Hadoop Platforms 
  13. The $1 Million Big Data Ready Challenge 
  14. 18 Reasons Data Scientists are Difficult to Manage 
  15. Getting to the Top of Google: Simplifying On-Site SEO 

Featured Articles

  1. Benjamin Graham Meets Advanced Analytics *
  2. How Big Data Drives Digital Marketing Success *
  3. Game Of Thrones - The Customer Trap and CDM (Channel Data Management) *
  4. Data Scientist versus Decision Scientist - Is There a Difference 
  5. How to Become a Data Scientist on a Shoestring 
  6. Get Past the Flash and Into the Data 
  7. In Defence of Small Data 
  8. The Biggest Risks of Big Data 
  9. How Is Knowing the Business Important to Data Science? 
  10. Data Transmutation vs. Data Analytics: Round 1 
  11. Trick-or-Treat a Data Scientist 
  12. The Top Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities and Threats 
  13. How Big Data is Affecting Those Facing Disabilities 
  14. Managing your data with graph databases 
  15. Communicating Analytics Insight With Data Visualization 
  16. The Decision Frame 
  17. How will fiber optics save the world? 
  18. USA Telecom doesn’t have enough airwaves for your selfies 

From our Sponsors

  1. Upcoming DSC Webinar and Internet of Things 
  2. Catalog All Your Enterprise Metadata 
  3. Association rules for fraud detection - Pivotal webinar
  4. Your Career: NYU Stern MS in Business Analytics 
  5. Northwestern University Master's in Predictive Analytics
  6. Democratizing Data and Predictive Analytics - DSC Webinar (Tableau and Lavastorm)
  7. Big Data Analytics 2015 - Conference

News, Events, Books, Training, Forum Questions

  1. New Data Science Jobs
  2. 100 Years of Data Visualization – It’s Time to Stop Making the Same...* - Video
  3. Big Data Bootcamp - November 13 to 15 2015 *
  4. Effective Applications of the R Language * - Conference
  5. Global Big Data Conference - Nov 6 - 8 2015 Dallas *
  6. Ten (10) Minute Data Scientist Online Survey *
  7. Training: Longitudinal Data Analysis Using Stata *
  8. Training: Intensive Longitudinal Methods *
  9. Future of data science to be discussed at symposium *
  10. R Programming Tutorial (Video) 
  11. Data Scientists Must Focus on Data Security Risk * - Cyber Risk Report 2015
  12. Course: Stata for Econometrics 
  13. Conference: Big Data Scotland 2015 
  14. Datapalooza 2015 - Event (San Francisco)
  15. Big Data and Analytics Post-Graduate Certificate Program 
  16. Tamr Opens Public Beta Program for Its Free Enterprise Metadata Cat... 
  17. Dataiku’s DSS Increases Scale and Speed of Analytics with Apache Spark 
  18. Peaxy Raises $15 Million to Disrupt the Data Lake 
  19. Paxata Partners With Cisco: Self-Service Data Preparation in the En... 
  20. Big data: $5M to widen 'bottleneck to discovery' 
  21. EPIC 2.0 for Enterprise Deployments of Hadoop and Spark 
  22. Introducing Angoss Version 9.5 Software Suite 
  23. Python Analytics Platform for Enterprise Data Scientists 
  24. Rock out with your data at Datapalooza - Video
  25. Hadoop tutorial - Video
  26. Big Data Insights: Reinventing Customer Experiences 

Picture of the Week

Source for picture: contribution marked with a +

Syndicated Content

  1. Recurrent neural networks, Time series data and IoT – Part One 
  2. 5 Really Cool Internet of Things Sports Gadgets 
  3. High versus low-level data science 
  4. BigQuery Big Data Visualization With D3.js 
  5. 16 analytic disciplines compared to data science 
  6. The seven people you need on your Big Data team 
  7. Big Data: The Key Vocabulary Everyone Should Understand 
  8. Most popular Data Science keywords - Visualization 
  9. Ten top languages for crunching Big Data 
  10. Big Data: The Amazing Numbers in 2015 


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