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  • Most admired, respected and influential data scientists and big data practitioners
  • Top companies for data scientists, with recent trends
  • Top cities for data scientists, with recent trends
  • Correlation and goodness-of-fit metrics for big data.
  • Predicting company bankrupties using public data
  • Myths about Twitter and Hashtags
  • New pattern identified in stock prices, multiplies return by factor 5
  • Career switch: switching from statistician to data scientist. Interview with Dr. Granville.

Upcoming book

Finally, we are writing a new book about data scientists, with a top publisher. We are looking for data scientists who want to have their resume anonymized and published in our book. We will also publish a few salary surveys, and job postings from AnalyticTalent.com to illustrate job market trends for data scientists. Feel free to email relevant material to the author, at [email protected]

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