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  • What are the 5 creative search solutions based on Text Analytics? Do you know the story inside your data? Text Analytics World, March 31 - April 1 in San Francisco introduces the latest concept of associative Text Analytics, NLP, Statistics and Neural Networks to identify new opportunities and profits. Join us at this first class place to meet highly knowledgeable industry practitioners. Learn More!
  • Online Event: Data Science: Disrupting the Financial Services Industry - Join Metis, data science educator in New York City, on March 3rd for a presentation and discussion with members of the financial services industry to explore data science topics that are disruptive to the ways the financial services industry approaches its work. Speakers for the evening will be Sameena Shah, Director of Research, NY at Thomson Reuters; Jae Hong Kil, CEO and Portfolio Manager at Sentiment Alpha; and Alexander Rafael, CEO at Climb Credit. RSVP.


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