Webinar with Forrester Research: Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Analysts

Originally published on the Aster Community. We invite you to register for our upcoming webinar “Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Analyst with Analytic ...” with Brandon Purcell of Forrester Research.

Organizations are being marketed a barrage of new tools that claim to put the powers of data science into the hands of everyone from the analyst to the baker and candlestick maker. For those of us working in the real world though, we know there are no magic shortcuts to obtaining the diverse skillsets and knowledge owned by the most valuable data scientists.

Still, the shortage of data scientists is real, so businesses are eager to explore alternative means of staying ahead of their competition. One such alternative where our customers have found success is the use of guided analytics. These guided analytics tools can help bridge the gap between data scientists and analysts by improving their conversations.

Guided analytics tools help business analysts explore very specific problems and questions at a much greater depth than generic business intelligence tools. Data analysts often know a great deal about their business and the environment in which they operate. But they may not have the depth of programming knowledge required to move beyond basic SQL or business intelligence tools. On the other hand, data scientists often have advanced programming capabilities and some general knowledge of the business. Guided analytics can fill that gap between the two.

When an analyst explores their question in a guided manner that leverages advanced analytic techniques, they are able to pose much more specific and potentially valuable questions to data scientists. In turn, the data scientist – remember, these folks are in short supply – can return more valuable results in a much short timeframe. Thus, the time to value and the value itself of such analytic projects are improved.

We will discuss this cycle in much more detail, along with some real-world examples, in a webinar next month with Brandon Purcell of Forrester Research. Please take a second to register for “Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Analyst with Analytic ....”

By the way, one of the best examples we have of guided analytics here at Teradata would be the guided development interface we include with the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Analytic Solution. If you’d like to discuss this solution and the guided analytics approach, feel free to send me an email at [email protected].

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