Webinar: Cognitive Investment Management, Research & Risk Management

In this short webinar watch how we help leading Investment Managers, Banks, Brokers, Asset Managers and Hedge Funds supercharge their existing investment approaches with Big Data, Semantics and Machine Learning.


Director James Phare talks about how we use machine learning algorithms, semantics and other techniques to process huge volumes of unstructured, semi structured and structured data in order to identify hidden risks and opportunities.


Learn to extract relevant content from huge volumes of data, standardise it and transform it into structures that can be analysed. We demonstrate how we use visualisation tools such as Tableau to explore and analyse news stories related to the Volkswagen emissions crisis. We also show you how we use graph technology such as Neo4j to structure this data into graphs or networks in order to explore hidden relationships and dependencies in company, sector, country and product data.


If you would like to see the webinar slides follow this link.

About us


Data to Value are a specialist Data consultancy, based in London. We apply graph technology to a variety of data requirements as part of next generation data strategies. Contact us to learn more.

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