as a Favorite New Product of 2013! (An External Award Acknowledgement)

Voting will take less than 2 minutes! Deadline is 11:59pm EDT August 9th.

Teradata Aster Discovery Platform 5.10 was submitted as "Favorite New Product for 2013" and has been named a finalist! It is now up for a People's Choice Stevie Award for Favorite New Products. The general public will vote for these favorite products through August 9th.

Each of us can help Teradata Aster win by voting and encouraging our customers, fellow employees, fans and followers to vote for Teradata Aster Discovery Platform 5.10.

Click here to vote, input this "Short Code" that is unique to our Teradata Aster Discovery Platform 5.10 nomination:
Short Code: V121Y

Your vote will automatically be counted for our Teradata Aster Discovery Platform.


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Comment by Chris on August 3, 2013 at 10:20am

How do you vote, how do you evaluate different engineering programs, for example, Oracle Exadata http://oracle.com.edgesuite.net/ebook/engsys/index.html         Indulge my silly question! probably html, powerpoint slideshow skills cover the gap!

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